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The company was founded in 1956 by Attilio Borroni under the name of Officina MECCANICA BORRONI Attilio and was one of the first companies in Italy to produce quick couplings and swivel joints for hydraulic applications.
Established as an artisan company, it retained this philosophy even after 1980 when the children joined the company and considerable production and organizational changes were made: from that year, the company changed its name to MECCANICA BORRONI.

In 1983 MECCANICA BORRONI bought their first CNC lathe and in just a few years replaced all of the lathes with CNC models from some of the best manufacturers, reaching a high level of product quality and great flexibility. By the year 2000 a new phase of technical and structural innovations had begun: a larger range of quick couplings was produced and work began on building the new factory; a significant stake was also acquired in a turnery with multi-spindle turning machines.

In 2002 the new operational headquarters opened in Uboldo (Va), ensuring efficiency, functionality and realization of the development programs.

Always looking for
qualitative excellence

The quality of our products is the result of the collaboration and commitment of all of our employees: the continuous exchange of information and experience contributes to the constant improvement of our articles.
Investing in efficient means of production and advanced control equipment has always been of vital importance to MECCANICA BORRONI.

The company obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality management system certification on 31st March 2004.


ISO 9001

Certification is a guarantee of continuous improvement for the company.
The ISO 9001 certification demonstrates that the company is able to respond consistently and exhaustively to customer expectations.

The right balance
between automation
and manual care
of the mountings

A select range
of products with
a high degree
of technical content

MECCANICA BORRONI, located in two areas with a combined surface area of more than 3,000 square meters, today, with the help of the best CNC machines, produces a select range of products with a high degree of technical content.
Great attention is given to professionalism, one of the strengths of MECCANICA BORRONI at all levels within the company, with continuous training and development programmes.

Every single product is the result of the right balance between automation and manual assembly; accurate production control is able to guarantee the total quality of every product.

Expansion of the delivery warehouse and the new production area ensures products from the range are available in stock.

MECCANICA BORRONI subjects the full range of products to continuous improvement and innovation to meet market needs and the demands of its
Our main product is the quick coupling, built following the most common forms of interchangeability in Italy and abroad, and using many different
materials depending on the type of use: this allows us to cover almost all of the requests received from our customers.

The swivel joint is another fundamental article in our production range and finds application in the field of flexible tubing, essential for compensating
occasional twists or turns. It too is produced in different materials and sizes (up to 10 inches) to cover all of the requisites of light and heavy
plant engineering.

Meccanica Borroni also manufactures special quick couplings and swivel joints on request.